This is what you'll need to build
your own IRC using my web site:

  • MSNTV (WebTV) Internet receiver.
  • Know how to Cut, Copy & Paste.
  • Web space. If you don't already have web space, go to Angelfire, Tripod, Geocities
    or any other web space provider and set up an account.
  • Some HTML knowledge.
  • To see what the IRC screen looks like, click here.

Things to keep in mind while
using the IRC Builder

  1. Read the instructions for each step. Some of the source code may need to be altered by you. For example, the title of your IRC, and common phrases you'd like to re-use.
  2. Due to the total size of all the files, it may be advantageous to build the IRC directly after logging on to your WebTV unit.

Try Me First

Build your IRC now !

BUT FIRST... Jot down the URL of this page on a piece of paper.
- - OR - -

Click each link in the left column. Copy and paste the file to a page on your web site. Be sure each file ends with </HTML>. Save the file using the name in the center column.

Some of the files require modifications. A short discription of the modifications are listed in the right hand column. Detailed instructions appear at the end of each file. Make changes after saving the original files on your web site.

Step1 Chat.html
Correct 2 URL's that call the chat page.
Change the Title (Optional).

Step2 ChatTop.html - no changes -
Step3 ChatBottom.html
Correct the URL that calls the chat screen.
Correct the URL that calls the Help page.

The following changes are optional
but are highly recommended
Set common phrases to send to the room.
Set a default server and room.
Set your e-mail address.
Include the rooms you frequent.

Step4 ChatHelp.html - no changes -

After completing Steps 1 through 4, and making the necessary changes, you can start your irc by going to the URL that you saved in Step 1 ( Before doing that though, please continue reading the rest of this page.

Information from the following
web sites was used to help
build my IRC (Thank you !)

Jake425's IRC Builder


HTML Quick Reference Home Page

The Complete HTML Reference Guide

MSN TV Developer Support Site

Net4TV Voice


If you'd like to send me comments or suggestions, please here for some of the details I went through to get her out of the nursing home, and back home where she wanted to be.


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