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News on the Home front

My Mother passed away on Wednesday, January 26, 2005, at home. Here is a copy of her obituary.

Mom had been at a "Rehabilitation Center". The facility was more like a nursing home though. The Respiratory Therapists at the facility were top notch, but she wanted to be back home, and that was her right. After years of red tape, lies, and half-truths, she came back home in May 2002.
We also got the Governor to sign a bill ! For those in Long Term Care Facilities, whether it be senior citizens or AIDS patients, the patient has a civil right to choose where they want their long term health care provided (as long as they are disabled and medicaly stable). The level of care must be maintained. Click here for some of the details.

I've been extremely busy here at home. Between caring for Mom on the weekends and doing house repairs and yard work, I hardly have time for myself. Having someone else here with me to share the good days and bad days would be absolute wonderful. I haven't had time to update my links either. However, over the last few months I have been working on a custom IRC for Webtver's. If you use a Webtv, you can try it out and copy the code. For those who use a real computer, here's a screen shot of the irc application. If you see someone in a chat room with the nic of cigarpig, give a shout because it's probably me.

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