~~ Personal ads ~~

The following sites are some of my favorites. Some have been listed previously in newsgroups, or found while Web surfing. Some were sent to me by e-mail. I can NOT vouch for any of the sites, one way or the other.

o Edwina
Gay Personals for finding a lover.

o ALT.com
World's Largest BDSM Personals Directory (NOTE: Very large database. All genders.
FREE - Post a Profile, search is limited within each session, can not reply to other profiles.
FEE - Post a Profile, unlimited search, reply to other profiles, and more)

o Cigar Studs
Stogie smokin personal ads (my ad )

o Cruising for sex
Personal ads and cruising info

o Gay Truck Stop
E-mail hook-up list and Forum aimed at Truck Drivers and those who want them

o Pig Pages
Personal ads for not so run of the mill adult gay males

o Rubber List
Rubber, Latex, and Bondage profiles ( my profile)

o Bootsplus
Profiles, Photos, and Videos of Boots and Boot Lovers

o Squirt
Listings of places where guys cruise for gay sex

The summary description for each entry above pertains to this links catagory (Personal Ads) ONLY. If you feel I have erred in a description, or if you have a site suggestion, please send me an e-mail


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