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The following sites are some of my favorites. Some have been listed previously in newsgroups, or found while Web surfing. Some were sent to me by e-mail. I can NOT vouch for any of the sites, one way or the other.

(Some of the Homepages listed below include Links to some great photo galleries that are NOT included on my 'photo gallery' Link page.)

o Gloved Copís Home page
Gloved Copís Home page. Be sure to visit his Beginners page too

o Boot Fetishes
A site devoted to a man's love of boots.

o Bostoncuir
Bostoncuir's Home Page... if you dare

o Bradbear
Memorial site to a real down-to-earth NYC Bear

o Chris Ward
Home of Chris Ward. Porn Star, Adult Video Director, and Video Editor

o Cigar Smoking Pig
Cigar Smoking Pig's Home Page. Huge selection of Links and Photo Galleries of Cigar and Pipe smokers

o FFplayer
A Fister's Homepage

o James Bond
James Bond's B and G Homepage

o Jay and Dan
Jay Schuster's Home Page. Lots of nice links, from mild to wild.

o Jon and Jim
Two Men who love what they do, and they do it with gusto

o Leather Sex Fantasy's Dungeon
Ready and able to fulfill most of your Leather Sex Dreams.

o Lthredge
If you like it on the edge, here's an exceptionally multi-talented Man devoted to taking you "places"

o NYMaster
Be honest with this Man and you'll learn a lot

A diverse Man into Uniforms, Leather, and Rubber

o RedRight
A Fister's Homepage

The summary description for each entry above pertains to this links catagory (GLBT Homepages) ONLY. If you feel I have erred in a description, or if you have a site suggestion, please send me an e-mail


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