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The following sites are some of my favorites. Some have been listed previously in newsgroups, or found while Web surfing. Some were sent to me by e-mail. I can NOT vouch for any of the sites, one way or the other.

Search Types
General www, Other www, Address and E-mail, Specialized,
- - - Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East,
North America, South America, South Pacific)

General www
o About.com
o AltaVista
o Ask Jeeves
o Ask Jeeves for kids
o Ditto
o Go.com
o Google
o HotBot
o LookSmart
o Meta Crawler
o Research Index Crawler
o Slurp Crawler
o SpeechBot Crawler
o WebCrawler

Other www
o Browser Agent Zapper Browser Agent
o Client-Based Search BullsEye Pro Client-Based Search
o Client-Based Search Copernic Client-Based Search
o Value-Added Search FreeEDGAR Value-Added Search
o Value-Added Search eLibrary Value-Added Search
o Value-Added Search Northern Light Value-Added Search

Addresses, E-mail, Etc.
o Canadian Phone Numbers Phone numbers by Canada411
o Canadian Phone Numbers Phone numbers by Infospace
o Canadian Postal Codes Canadian Postal Codes by CanadaPost
o High School and Alumni High School Alumni and Classmate
o Switchboard Switchboard PhoneBook
o Ultimates, The Group of People Search Engines
o Worldwide Telephone Directories Links to phone number searches for most Countries
o Yahoo Search Yahoo People Search

The summary description for each entry above pertains to this links catagory (Search) ONLY. If you feel I have erred in a description, or if you have a site suggestion, please send me an e-mail.

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