~~ Uniforms ~~

The following sites are some of my favorites. Some have been listed previously in newsgroups, or found while Web surfing. Some were sent to me by e-mail. I can NOT vouch for any of the sites, one way or the other.

o Leather Creations
Nightsticks, belts, cuffs, T-shirts, badges, bars, and patches
Other categories - Bondage - Leather - Medical - Rubber - Toys

o Leather Uniforms
Leather Uniforms
Other categories - Leather

o Tekmarciniak.com
Mounted Police, Beat Cop, and Motor Cop Gear
Other categories -

o mountedpoliceworldwide.com
Mounted Police and Motor Cop Gear
Other categories -

o Police Motorcycle Gear Classifieds
Classified Ads for Police Motorcycle Gear
Other categories -

The summary description for each entry above pertains to this links catagory (Uniforms) ONLY. If you feel I have erred in a description, or if you have a site suggestion, please send me an e-mail


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