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My Mother passed away on Wednesday, January 26, 2005, at home.
Here is a copy of her obituary.
After reading her obituary, please be kind and read the rest of this page.

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New York State Governor, George Pataki, finally agrees with the US Supreme Court.

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   On September 17, 2002, he signed the bill into law that is intended to provide people the choice of residing in the "most integrated setting" -- generally at home, rather than in institutions. It could boost the quality of life for as many as 100,000 people statewide with all sorts of disabilities, including the elderly and people with AIDS. In the coming years, several times that number could benefit as baby boomers move into their sunset years.

   The bill summary includes a paragraph about the bill and how members of the Assembly voted. For other related bills, click here .

My Mom had been at a "Rehabilitation Center" near Kingston NY since the end of October 1999. She was sent there after 75 days in Saratoga Hospital (Saratoga Springs, NY). Within 24 hours of being in the hospital, she was given a tracheostomy and placed on a ventilator. She's had COPD since about 1993.

Mom finally returned home on Wednesday May 8th. A few days later, Mom and I were featured in a front page newspaper article in the "Post Star", a local newspaper from Glens Falls, NY. A few days after the article appeared, we were contacted by two local television stations (FOX and CBS) and two local radio stations (WGY in Schenectady, NY and WWSC in Glens Falls, NY). Mom declined to be interviewed by all of them. We were also featured in a December 2001 newspaper article.

Before the end of summer 2002, I plan on submitting an article to "The Black Hole" about my 23 month ordeal with that place ("The Black Hole" is a publication produced by STARS MC). In June of 2000, a Social Worker at the "Rehabilitation Center" told us that the Respiratory Therapists did a series of tests and determined that Mom was capable of returning home. So why wasn't Mom released shortly after June of 2000 ? That's one of the things I'll talk about in the article I want to write. I'll also mention a few tips about saving your ass before you need extended health care. I might also include the details here, on my web site.

Below are some US Government links to webpages explaining why Mom (and others) have the legal right to have care in the most integrated community setting possible. This is based on the recent Supreme Court decision of Olmstead v. L. C., 119 S.Ct. 2176 (1999).

This Supreme Court decision will also be helpful to those who have AIDS and are currently institutionalized. The Olmstead Decision is also important for people who are about to be institutionalized. If you have a loved one, or significant other, who wants to be home for their last remaining months (or years), fight for what you think is right. Please do NOT believe everything "they" tell you. "They" meaning employees of hospitals, nursing homes, respite homes and the like, along with Social Workers, Doctors, and other Professionals. Also, there's a lot of information they don't want you to know about too. Remember, they want to stay in business, so they have to make money some how.

One final comment I have to add... The Respiratory Therapists where Mom was located were top notch. The best anyone could ask for. And I thank them for everything they did.

o Dept of Health and Human Services January 14, 2000 - Letter to State Medicaid Directors.
The Olmstead Decision... What is it?
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Nursing Home Transition Grants.
o White House June 19, 2001 - Executive Order by President Bush
Community based Alternatives for
Individuals with Disabilities
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President Bush Highlights Commitment
to Americans wih Disabilities