~~ A Little Bit about myself ~~


Thanks for dropping by. My name is David. I was born in Upstate NY in the fall of 1956. My home has always been in the Capital District (Albany) area of New York State. I live in a small town along the Hudson River (shown at right). There is one traffic light and a few stores in town. During the summer the population of the area doubles with an influx of tourists and summer residents. In June, more than 40,000 motorcycles come here for the annual Americade Bike Event. My home is fairly large. Mom and Dad ran it as a tourist home back in the late 50's and early 60's. Our town had a Summer Theater back then and we rented rooms out to several of the Actors.

To see a map of where my town is located, click here. For an excellent newspaper article, and many photos of the Hudson River, click here for the "Hudson River Chronicals".
Hudson River

The Hudson River
Near My Home

   We've always had a dog at home. Friday (a black Labrador Retriever) was the first dog I can remember. Dad had taught her to carry the mail and the newspaper in her mouth. He'd walk to the Post Office with Friday beside him. It's about a ten minute walk. She'd lay down outside the Post Office and not bother anybody. He'd come out and hand the mail to her. She'd walk home holding the mail in her mouth. If Dad wanted to stay and talk with somebody, he'd send her home by herself with the mail. Friday actually had two names. Mom called her Crackers.

   Shortly after Friday died, I went to get another dog. This time a Golden Retriever. Phoebe was a beautiful golden color female. Dad passed away in 1969, before Friday had died, so I trained Phoebe. Got her to bring the newspaper in off the front porch. When the paper had a rubber band on it, that was great. If the paper boy forgot to put the rubber band around the paper, the newspaper would get scattered down the hallway. When Phoebe saw the scattered papers, she'd go back and pick them up. Even more sections of the paper got scattered (Never could train the paperboy correctly). If her water bowl was empty, and she wanted water, she'd bring her metal water dish to whom ever she saw, and drop it at their feet with a CLANG.

   The next dog we had was Peggy. Peggy was the runt of the only litter that Phoebe had. Peggy really never got trained, except to do her business outside. She was smaller than most Goldens too. Peggy and her 7 brothers and sisters were born under the kitchen table against the wall. Mom and I were there when most of the puppies were born. Peggy was either the first or second one. It's hard to say if she was first or second, since they both literally came out at the same time. The Bitch turned her back to Peggy for a good 45 minutes. Neither Mom or I intervened. After Peggy whimper, Phoebe started to shake... she stood up, turned around, and only then did she start to lick her forgotten daughter. Peggy was born with a stubby tail. During the initial cleaning by Phoebe, she bit off two dangling toes on Peggy. A week later, Phoebe stepped on one of Peggy's hind legs. The leg was put in a splint for several weeks. Hence the name Peggy.

   We now a black poodle. Mokey is actually Mom's dog. Mom heard about some Poodles that were born and being raised in bird cages by a back-woods lumberjack. So off she went to rescue a puppy. She said the conditions were just awful. The lumberjack lived in an old mobile home with the doors and windows all wide open. The front yard had truck parts strewn all over the dirt ground. The photo at the right is Mokey sitting on our front porch about a week before she went to get Groomed.

Photo of Mokey


   We've had a few cats too, though never more than one at a time. Itski (just like it sounds, it-ski), was a Tom Cat we had in the mid 60's. Itski once (and only once!), bit a fish hook that was in the fishing tackle box. After Dad took the fish hook out of Itski's cheek, he had a hugh puffy face from that point on.

   After Itski we had Sing-sing. Sing-sing was a stray Siamese cat that we found in the late 70's at my Dad's old boarded up and abandoned homestead.

Photo of Lucy    Now I have Lucy. Lucy is a 25 pound orange and white neutered beast, that rules over Mom's poodle. Lucy was also a stray. Shortly after Lucy found me, I took her to the veterinarian to have her altered. When I went to get her from the vet's office, the vet told me, HE'S all fixed. He said it was hard to tell it was a male because the testicles hadn't fully dropped yet. The picture at the right is of Lucy. He turned his head away from the camera at just the right time. He probably heard someone walking up the sidewalk.

   An update on Lucy... I had Lucy put to sleep on March 17, 2002. Several weeks before, Lucy developed a blood clot in his hind leg. The leg was almost paralyzed. After a week or two, the nerves and muscles were starting to function again. He walked with his hind toes bent underneath however. I had two of the toes removed. Lucy was recovering, but not fast. After coming home on March 17th however, I found Lucy lying on the dogs bed, looking up at me and crying, and unable to move or stand up. I took him to the vet and he confirmed the other hind leg had a blood clot. The vet also listened to Lucy's breathing and said it also sounds like he has some fluid building up around his lungs. So I did what was only right.

   My hobbies include, house wiring, plumbing, genealogy, walking, collecting telephones and telephone books, window shopping, constructive conversations, and local politics. For a more specialized list of what I like, see my After Hours Profile.

   I graduated from the local High School in the mid 70's. I stumbled around in college for a few years. First I wanted to be an Electrical Engineer. I wasn't too happy with that, so I tried my hand in "Parole and Probation". I liked it, but family problems brought me home during the second semester. I'm currently employed as a Senior Computer Programmer / System Analyst. I work with an Oracle database. My previous job (with the same company) took me on EVERY State and Interstate Highway in New York State.

Here's a few pictures of Mom. The one which appears to be on a porch is at my home. The other one is a few years earlier when she was in the nursing home. Mokey, Mom's dog, is on her lap. Click on a photo for a larger picture.