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1. General information.
2. Do i have a partner?
3. What am i into?
4. What am i into specifically?
5. So how would i characterize myself?
6. Do i have a dungeon?
7. What kind of guys do i play with? Who won't i play with?
8. What don't i get into?
9. What length of scenes do i prefer?
10. What about limits, playstyle, and safewords?
11. Got any questions or have other thoughts?

1. General information
i'm 45 years old, 5'8", +/-160lbs, buzzed cut, blue eyes, and have a goatee. If my hair isn't buzzed, it sports shades of grey on the sides. When i was 40, it was all a chestnut brown color. Multi-million dollar lawsuits, of which one was served against me, would give anyone grey hair (We settled out of court for less than $15,000). Both my nipples are pierced with 12g rings. i generally keep my crotch and butt hole area shaved, although i have been known to let it grow out on purpose.

i'm a Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst for a NYS Government agency. Even though the title sounds as if i should know all there is to know about computer, i don't. i design computer applications that allow Civil Engineers to save and retrieve data from an Oracle database. Prior to that work, i worked for the same state agency travelling every state highway and Interstate in NY State at either 30 or 40mph. Highway ridability was recorded electronically on a stereo cassette tape and compared to data from previous years. Since i love to drive anyway, the work was more fun than work. In NYC and on Long Island, we always had a Police escort. We had to drive at a constant speed, stopping only after crossing a city or county line. We then backed up the vehicle, step on the accelerator, and got up to speed at the city or county line to do the next segment of highway.

Before my full time job, i worked at a popular NYS Beach in Upstate NY. Part of my time was also spent working on a Scenic mountain highway and at a state operated campground. All of those jobs were wonderful... in more ways than one.

2. Do i have a partner?
i've never have had a partner, per se. They've all been very close friends, some of which i'd give "an eye tooth for" if they needed help. Bob, whom i mention about in "my First Leather Bar experience", was the closest i ever had to becoming a partner. He was 30 years older than me though. Later, i had another close friend (Paul) whom i loved dearly at the time. i had taken him to one of the first Leather Contests in NYC. We stayed with a friend who operates and manages Hot Ash. i introduced Paul to a friend, who was one of the judges of the contest. The judge told me with a very stern and sincere face, "Hang on to Him. He's hot. He's perfect". i even moved out of my old homestead to be closer to him. i then found out he wasn't too happy with me living so close to him. He married a female in about 6 months.
Am i looking for Mr. Right? Sure i am, but i'm probably not going to come out and tell the Man i'm in love with Him, even though i'd like too. i was hurt before, and it was very painful. i'm a very sensitive person. Would i be willing to relocate? Well... i have a very good job with benefits, seniority, and fairly open and accepted at work with regards to my lifestyle. my home is a large 6 bedroom home with 2 baths, 2 stories, almost a full basement, and situated on a three corner lot of a half acre. i'm well known in my community. Would i still relocate? Possibly, but i'd probably keep the old homestead as a summer place. It's all paid for anyway.

3. What am i into?
That's not so simple an answer as You might think. my mind is always buzzing with sexual thoughts. Some of which are plain fantasy. Sure, it'd be nice if some of those fantasies came true, but sometimes the mind goes places where the body can't possibly go. my main goal is to give my Top the total satisfaction He deserves. After all, as some people might be inclined to say, He's putting His time into a worthless piece of shit, and you damn well better make Him happy. Honestly though, playing Top and bottom roles require a concerted effort on both parties. While striving to give the Top what he rightfully deserves, i enjoy a mixture of body contact, power exchange, and being tested for what i can handle. i get proud at achieving goals. When i can tell i'm failing at reaching a goal, i get very upset with myself. Often times to the point of almost crying. For me, my play time is emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual. An ideal scene is where all those aspects are melded together. It takes time occasionally for all of them to meld together though.

4. What am i into specifically?
Okay, You asked, so here it is: Leather, Latex, Rubber, Uniforms, Boots, Boot Service, Bondage, Restraints, Straps, Collars, Leashes, Hoods, Gags, Verbal Abuse, Body Contact, Forced Smoking, Body Service, Enemas, Catheters, WS, Milking, Orgasm Control, Anal Play, Body Function Control, Breath Control, Chastity, Electricity, Power Exchange, Mindgames, Headtrips, Extended Duration Scenes.

Other things i might enjoy in the right situation: Discipline, Punishment, Chains, Straitjackets, Handcuffs, Leg Irons, Rope, Mummification, Sleepsacks, Cages, Forced Feeding, Tickling, Teasing, Athletic Gear, Diving Gear.

Being "into" something can be misleading though. For example, Boot Service to one person might be entirely different to someone else. Boot Service could mean being stomped on, kicked in the balls, or it could mean licking and chewing dried shit, gum, cigarette butts, and the like off the soles of a pair of Boots. Being "into" something also has limits. i don't mind some enema play (or work), but to be given a 5 gallon enema is out of the question. Being "into" something means nothing more than i enjoy some aspect of what ever it is.

5. So how would i characterize myself?
bottom. Not slave, but bottom. At least not slave yet. A slave has to earn the "slave" title. If the scene is to evolve around a "heavy scene", the Top must be well educated in the medical and physiological field. If the scene is "light", at least have the insight to stop and call for assistance if something isn't going right. "Light" scenes are fine for foreplay, but i would hope they'd work up into something more intense as the scene goes on. There are a few times when i enjoy helping a Top work a bottom over, but those times are rare, and always under the total control and guidance of an educated Top.

6. Do i have a dungeon?
Not really. When i play here at home, it's usually in the bedroom, bathroom, or during warm summer nights, the basement. On rare occasions, the back yard. i immensely enjoy playing in dungeons though. Dungeons set the mood. When i play on someone else's turf, i generally don't have a say as to where in the building i'll play.

7. What kind of guys do i like to play with? Who won't i play with?
Gay Leathermen, Gay Rubbermen, Gay Men who wear Police Uniforms and can act with authority, and real Policemen who enjoy exerting their sexuality safely upon others. i find non-Leather and non-Rubber Men to be too vanilla for me. They might be wonderful play partners in the right circumstance, but i believe i was born to serve Gay Leathermen and Rubbermen. i tend to shy away from the chunky Bear look. Obese men are too much of a physiological turn off for me. As far as ages go, i will not go younger than 21. Men between 21 and 30 are acceptable, but i prefer Men older than 30. Men who have health problems are fine, as long as the problem is under control. i don't want to be bound helplessly when the Top is having an asthma attack or seizure. i sometimes have problems with Tops who are on a total ego trip. Notice i said "sometimes". There are times when i'm conformable dealing with it. i will definitely not play with a Top who is totally spaced out and out of control with himself. i should hope the Top doesn't get into this situation during playtime either. i enjoy playing with a Top who can encourage me to try new frontiers, provided the Top knows what He is doing. Having a Top who knows what He is doing is an absolute must.

8. What don't i get into?
Chicken, animals, females, TV scene, permanent damage, fire, effeminate men, obesity, scat, blood, piercing, branding, scarring, heavy pain, idiots, and liars. i shy away from Tops who are totally passive. i wouldn't necessarily pass up the opportunity, but the scene generally doesn't last long enough for me. Besides, a large part of a good scene involves exchanging energy between those involved. i need feedback from the Top. i do not get into heavy or even medium sized fisting. An experienced Top who enjoys fisting should be able to tell what i can handle. Large toys are also out. They may look inviting, and i may be tempted to try, but a tractor trailer just won't fit in a garage suited for Volkswagens or perhaps SUV's. No matter what is done to the garage, it won't fit.

9. What length of scenes do i prefer?
i generally like a lengthier scene. Minimal satisfactory duration is 2 to 3 hours. If i have to drive more than 2 hours from my home, i prefer a scene to last at least one and a half times the length of time it took me to drive. Since i don't mind driving, 4 or 5 hours away is perfectly fine with me. If we're playing at my place, i prefer the same length of play time as if i traveled to the Top's location. Traveling with a Top can also be interesting. With the right Top, i don't mind doing a multi-day scene. Regardless of how long the scene is, i generally need an occasional break now and then.

10. Limits? Playstyle? Safewords?
As for limits, see also "What i don't enjoy" above. There may be times when something i enjoy is beginning to get too intense. my current limit has been reached. As stated earlier, a large part of a good scene involves exchanging energy. When a limit appears to have been reached, that energy exchange starts to break down. A good Top will be able to read this plateau and adjust the scene accordingly. In general, i need a "safeword". There are some instances where the use of safewords are questionable. For example, being "comfortably" restrained and unable to do anything for myself probably wouldn't warrant the use of a safeword (i need to be taught what giving up control is all about). On the other hand, if my hands are numb from the restraints, my extremeties are turning blue, or You see i'm about to pass out, safewords are in order. After i've been with a Top through several scenes, and a trust has been developed, safewords aren't necessary. This means the Top knows when i'm reaching a limit that i can safely handle. If we are going through other types of scenes that i haven't encountered previously, i prefer a safeword. Safewords to me might mean, "You've reached my physical limit. i need to stop." Or it might mean "You've reached my physical limit. Keep on doing what You're doing now, but refrain from pushing me for now." There may be times when a safeword can't be used because of circumstances beyond my control. i prefer not to get into that situation unless i know the Top can read my mind and body. There are some situations where i like, or need, to be pushed. Sometimes i like to be given a choice, of which i must suffer the consequences.

When i play, i'm able to do my best starting out with some kind of foreplay. This may mean encouraging me to play with or to manipulate my own body. If the scene is going to turn towards bondage, i thoroughly enjoy being encouraged to try on some gear... just to see how it feels. During bondage play, i also enjoy having my body manipulated, either as a reward, or as punishment. Boot service given to Tops is something i cherish very deeply. A Top's boots, in my view point, are His most prized possession. Whenever i spot a Leatherman, my eyes immediately focus on the Boots. A Man's Boots are his vehicle for getting Him from point "A" to point "B" comfortably, safely, and swiftly.

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