~~ After Hours Profile ~~


i'm a bottom who likes to be controlled for someone elses pleasure. i'm a very dedicated 'boy'. For starters, i have a strong, uncontrolling urge to kneel, worship, and admire Men dressed in black shiny Latex, Leather, or Lawmen in their Uniform. Unless i'm told otherwise, i ALWAYS thank a Man by kissing, licking, or sucking His Boots. i like it when a Man persuades me to try on some special gear by telling me,
"Here. Let's try this on you. See how it fits. you'll love what we're gonna do". Depending on the situation, i enjoy very intense foreplay working up to hours of satisfaction for the Master/Top. i'm generally very passive. Without a hood on, i'm buzzed (number 1), blue eyes, and a trim fu-man-chu. Without being encased in a Leather or Rubber suit, You'll see i'm pierced, no ink, and currently a little body hair. When i'm allowed to stand, i'm 5'8". Without extra weight on me (or in me), i'm about 155 lbs. Also check out my FAQ page.

i have a variety of things i like or things i think about. The list includes: Leather / Latex bondage, collars (especially a leather cervical collar), wet suits, dry suits, enemas, intense butt stimulation, prostate massages, cock stuffing, milking, chastity, electro-stimulation, Cigar games, smoke games, dip/chew, spit, boot service, gas masks, hoods, sensory deprivation, being molested, some partying, some humiliation, verbal abuse, and personal service (cock, body, boot, gear, and uniform service). As long as You enjoy some of the things i like, that's fine by me. i'm open minded and almost always willing to try new things with the right Man.

Blood, intense pain, obnoxious people.

i'm a hi-way Engineer/Computer programmer, with a sweet, easy going personality and a "care and concerning attitude" about others. i enjoy constructive conversations, good food, dining out, fireplaces, watching Firemen do their work (i use to be a Volunteer Firefighter), laying on the floor playing with the dog, city streets, country lanes, relaxing on a beach or in a hay field, travelling (by 2, 4, or 18 wheels), collecting news articles about Policemen, watching old Black and White sitcoms (with a bowl of popcorn, a drink, and possibly a chew toy), and watching people (i mean cruising)... especially if they have puppy-dog brown eyes (WOOF).

i have a very deep love and genuine concern for Law Enforcement Men. i've collected newspaper articles about Policemen since 1976. The first article i saved was about a wayward horse that was brought into a station house in Brooklyn NY (click here for the article). Some day i hope to find a Policeman who needs a shoulder to cry on after a hard day... whether he crawled to the top of a bridge tower to stop someone from committing suicide, to helping someone give birth, to grieving the loss of a Brother in the line of duty... i'll be there to listen to Him, and to give Him my support.

One of the things I enjoy is being a member of STARS, MC. STARS MC is a very active club that promotes a positive Leather image and lifestyle. Among the many things they do, they help 'residents' in the local Hospital, they help at community dinners, they host special parties, and a host of other well organized events including a monthly Bar Night. The organization began in the spring of 1991 with several meetings at the home of one of our founders, Stephen Grobman. They began with about 15 members, including myself. Currently the organization has over 40 members from the Capital District Area of New York State. Some of our members are Title holders in Regional contests.

Page me at 917.953.0698. Leave me a voice-mail message. Alternatively, enter Your Area Code and Phone Number from a touch tone phone and i'll call You back.

If You think the chemistry is right, click here for details on hooking-up in person.


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